Using Email Marketing to Advertise

Who doesn’t like getting email? Odds are if you are on the Internet than you most likely have an email address. Email has proven to be one of the best ways a business can market and advertise effectively.

Email is the most powerful marketing tool you have to promote and advertise your website. The best part is for most people, it’s free! The other great aspect of email marketing is how easy it is to get started.

Many businesses have the option for people to sign up through their websites where they leave their personal information as well as their email address. This is how you create your mailing list. You already know that those who sign up are at least interested enough to want more information, so you already have “leads” to work with.

The next step after gathering your email list is to create a newsletter. You can either hire someone to do this for you or you can use the many free templates online and create your own. After all, who knows your company better than you, right?

When starting to market through email, you should take it slowly; there is no need to bombard your email list with more than one email a week. Sending out an email monthly or when you have a special promotion is more effective than bombarding them with what could be considered spam.

When creating your emails and newsletters, treat your email list recipients as if each one were the only person you are writing to by writing the way you talk. This way, they feel more connected to a real person and they will want to read what you are writing or want to purchase what you are advertising. Less is more in email marketing and it’s the best way to get word out about your services or products.

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