Make Your Advertising Budget Work for You with Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to advertising on the Internet, it doesn’t matter how big your company is or what size budget you have available for marketing purposes. There are many ways to advertise online regardless of how much money you have (or don’t have) to spend. You can find several creative ways to get the word […]

Why You Need to Learn Social Media for Self-Promotion

The Internet today is comprised of millions and millions of sites and more are being created every day. Social media websites are popping up left and right and people are starting to take advantage of their instant advertising benefits. Social media sites are forums, blogs, video blogs, networking sites, etc. These platforms can all be […]

Learning to Use Your Press Releases for Free Advertising

A well-written press release is something every company on the Internet can benefit from, if they know how to write one effectively. A press release is basically written to highlight various aspects of a business such as special promotions, product announcements and website information. A great press release will answer the questions who, what, where, […]

Learn How to Use Facebook to Promote Yourself Free

Facebook is a social media tool that lets people connect all over the world through either actual friendships or virtual acquaintances based on interests. Your Facebook account is a great way to promote yourself if you have anywhere from a few spare pennies in your car cup holder to a pocket full of lint. Your […]

Increase Your Bottom Line with Inexpensive Marketing Tactics

You’ve got your business up and running and have been for some time but, your bottom line is looking a little sad and you need to get some great marketing going. The problem is you don’t have a lot of money to spend, so the marketing tactics need to be inexpensive and effective. In order […]

Use Affiliate Marketing to Help Ease the Strain on Your Wallet

Affiliate marketing is simply getting paid to sell another person or company’s product or service. One person placing an affiliate link on their site accomplishes this and when a person clicks the link and buys the product linked, the person who provided the link gets a percentage of the sale. A business owner who wants […]

How to Use Quality Linking for Internet Marketing Promotion

Learning how to market your site can be a frustrating thing. You may be wondering how you should go about getting your site out there and visible to the public. Visibility is the number one way to build your business; you have to get noticed in order to build credibility. One way that has been […]

How to Stick to Your Budget without Looking Cheap

Running a great looking business on a budget has never been easier. Learning how to stick to your budget without looking cheap takes a little work and a little more dedication but can be accomplished by sticking to some simple tricks of the trade. Learn to barter. Bartering is a great way to stick to […]

How to Promote with eCourses

E-courses are the secret weapons making money for a lot of people on the Internet today. You can find e-courses on anything from self-esteem to alligator wrestling. In fact, you can find a lot of e-courses about how to write e-courses. There are a lot of eCourses that charge a hefty fee, but there are […]

How to Create a Word of Mouth Campaign

You just found a 75% off sale at your favorite clothing store. What do you do now? Hoard all of the clothes, speed home and lock yourself inside your house until the sale is over? No way! Before you know it, you are on the phone with ten of your closest friends and they are […]