Promote Your Business with Teleseminars

Teleseminars are a great way to get people together and work with a team atmosphere. When a group of like-minded people gets together a certain build-up of energy occurs. Teleseminars tap into this sphere of energy and can really give your business the promotion it needs and deserves.

The object of a teleseminar is to begin to lay out a thought process or an idea about your product or service. Right before going into any further details, the teleseminar ends and you are left with the only viable option – to promote your product and offer a follow up at a certain price.

During a teleseminar, three things can happen. First, the product or idea can be discussed, the next step is offered, usually in the form of a product or service such as an eBook or coaching session and finally, questions can be answered and participation can occur.

When the product or idea is discussed, this usually takes up most of the time for the teleseminar. At this point, the excitement is growing; the people on the line are listening intently. The speaker is talking about the product, promoting the ideals behind the service.

After the basic promoting has gone on, it is time to let the listeners know exactly what you have to offer them. This is where the promotion rubber meets the payout road.

At this point in the teleseminar, the speaker usually gives the deals with an extra special deal only for those participants in the teleseminar. This deal is another promotion to try and catch anyone who is still on the fence about making a decision.

During the question and answer time, people get to ask some basic questions about the product and service offered. Here is where the second big push for promotion comes into play. At this point the host of the teleseminar refers back to the product or service to have all of the questions answered.

For instance, if the service is business development coaching, the answers to the questions will most likely remain vague and revert back to the coaching service offered.

These three things are definitely not the only portions of a teleseminar, but they will give you a general understating of how a teleseminar runs and operates. Before trying to put together your very own teleseminar, call into a few to make sure you understand how it all works and also, don’t be afraid to ask for some help.

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