Using Your Signature Line to Advertise, Market, and Promote

If you are Internet savvy and know your way around the various social media sites, then you already know how important a signature line can be. A signature line, for those who may not know already, is a link placed under your name that can be clicked on and used to direct people to your website.

Signature lines have become the fastest growing advertising strategy for people who want to get the word out about their business. There are two ways to utilize a signature line; the first is to attach a signature to your email, you may already be aware of this but never thought to use it. When attaching your signature to your email, you are able to market and promote your site every time you send an email message, as it will be contained within the email.

The second step is to place a signature line in any online forums or message boards you frequent. There are some boards or forums that won’t allow this, so be sure to check the FAQ on every board you are on. By placing the link in your signature you are advertising your site or business with little effort at all. All you have to do is post.

People are curious by nature and having a signature line in your emails or posts can peak their curiosity especially if you have a catchy signature. Think of something to grab your reader’s attention such as offering something for free, and build it from there.

It is important to keep your signature line small; one sentence is all you need to effectively market your site. In no time you will see your website traffic increasing. Your business will begin growing all from just placing one little line with your name, website, and any other pertinent information about your business.

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