The Power of Internet Marketing with Video

Have you seen a movie lately?

How about a commercial on TV?

Or perhaps your favorite reality show?

What one thing do they all have in common?

Each and every one of them has a website link listed somewhere on the screen for you to go to and see how the new Pixar animation was actually created, check out what is actually in that new product, or see who slapped who for kicking their shoe. Any and all types of videos are promoting Internet marketing like crazy, so why shouldn’t you?

YouTube is by far the largest provider of free video uploads to date. These videos can then be coded to be placed on blogs, webpages, and just about anywhere else the Internet has reach. With this kind of capability, ask yourself if there is any reason you are not using video to promote your Internet marketing.

I surely can’t think of one. By placing your video on YouTube, directing others to the site, and allowing them to vote, comment, and otherwise give it two thumbs up, the video could become viral which means you have a mass in-surge of clients, all coming to get what you are providing.

Many people are visual which means if they see something, chances are they will remember it. Using video works the exact same way standard television commercial ads work. You see the product, drool over it, and remember it when you go to the store next, or, in this case, the next time you hop online, you have the sudden desire to purchase that item.

Using the video to promote your product or service online also gives you another advantage. The link can easily be copied and forwarded to multiple people, who are outside your primary circle of influence. This helps to spread your arms and network on a wider scale than you ever thought imaginable.

Video is a great tool for promoting your product and service through web marketing. Be sure to try out a few different services, but YouTube will probably be the most beneficial site to try. It houses the greatest number of verified users, thus expanding your network to the largest possible advantage.

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