Start a Blog and Advertise for Free

There are many blogging platforms to choose from. Some require knowledge of coding and self-hosting while others run off of well-established programs such as Google and WordPress. Quite a few of these platforms are even free of charge and open to anyone who cares to pour themselves onto the web.

Businesses are beginning to realize the power of blogs and the numbers of people they can reach. Blogging is a way for businesses to both optimize their name on the Internet and to advertise for a minimal cost, if not for free.

By using a blog, your business can introduce customers to your products, develop relationships, and present sales and promotions. That spells advertising. Hosting a blog also gives customers a website to direct other potential clients which increases traffic and boosts sales.

When your product or service goes above and beyond expectations, a blog is a perfect place for customers to provide comments and reviews. This adds credibility and a sense of comfort to other customers who are looking at buying your product.

By viewing other blogs, developing relationships with others in your niche and starting to comment, network and barter with them, you there is a good chance you will have the option to either trade links with them or place a banner or advertisement on their web page or blog in return for a favor or a discount on some of your goods or services.

This is a way to further your free advertising reach by extending your branding and logos to other sites. Putting your ads on other sites increases the number of people who see those ads and thus dives more traffic to your blog and to your store.

There are many different ways of starting a blog that can help you advertise for free. Set up an account with a free service; begin to study the tips and tricks used by the pros and start networking with others in your niche. Then, start playing around with different advertising techniques. You may just surprise yourself at how much business you can drive to your site with little to no money up front.

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