Promote Your Business with Podcasting

Podcasting is a new wave of audio formatting and broadcasting. Podcasts can hold a variety of different styles from a single monologue, similar to a documentary, a dialog or conversation among many co-hosts and callers or even interviews.

Podcasts are a great way to promote your business, either by hosting a podcast yourself, being interviewed on a podcast, or even buying advertising time on a podcast.

Hosting a podcast is a simple way to promote your business because, since you are in charge, you get to plug your product or tie it back into the discussion whenever you feel like it. If you are the host, you can also interview experts in your field, take questions about your products or find ways to do audio demonstrations of your products.

If you are interviewed on a podcast, you have a prime opportunity to talk up your business. Chances are if you are brought in for an interview, you have a new product out that has just hit the market, a review causing all the rage, or a service people can’t stop talking about. Go ahead. It is your time to shine; you are in the lime light, talk it up.

Paying for advertising space on a podcast has not really spread too much as of yet, but as certain podcasts grow in listeners and the shows become more iconic, paid advertisements will become just as common as those on the radio. Pay for your spots early before the prices go up and make sure your few seconds convey your message accurately and effectively.

Podcasting will replace the radio in the future because, like websites and blogs, everyone can have their own channel, everyone can have their own listeners and everyone can have their very own “radio show.” Promoting your business with podcasting is just getting started so you better get a jump on your competition now before they sweep it right out from under your feet.

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