How to Use StumbleUpon to Promote Your Internet Business

StumbleUpon is a fantastic way to generate some social marketing for your business. When used correctly, StumbleUpon can drive traffic to your website in droves and help in the spreading of your concept. When you set it up correctly, this service can get you and your company’s name out there with minimal effort.

First things first – social marketing is not for every business; make sure your business will benefit from this before even getting started. If you product is not location based, i.e. something where the customer has to physically come to you, then StumbleUpon is perfect.

The first thing to do is create a StumbleUpon account. This is easy to do and free to set up. Then you have to start rating other business similar to yours. You need a strong profile to promote properly so take some time to fill out your profile with as much information as you can in order to stand out from the crowd.

Now you need to build relationships within the StumbleUpon community. Stumble other user’s websites, talk to them within StumbleUpon and get to know them by visiting their websites. Building a rapport with other people is paramount and a cornerstone of the entire social networking process.

You can “stumble” your own website, as well as other sites you come across, using the tools provided from the StumbleUpon toolbar. The StumbleUpon toolbar downloads right into your browser, allowing you to give a “thumbs up” or a ‘thumbs down” to a website as you find it without needing to go to the site to long in.

In doing this you will be promoting your own business and thus driving hundreds upon hundreds of people to your website. Having a strong profile shows others you are someone they can trust and pairing it with a reputable website shows professionalism, which will always build your bottom line.

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