Cut Costs by Being Your Own Graphic Designer

Once you have your company ready to go you will need a website and graphical ads for placement on other websites.

Normally you would hire someone to do this for you but graphic designers can cost a pretty penny. If your budget does not allow for this type of expense at this time, you will want to look into other options.

One option is doing the work all by yourself. All you really need for this is an idea and a graphic design software program. These types of software range from $30 up into the hundreds, depending on which one you get and the features it offers. You can also find some free programs online just by doing a search for them.

You will want to look at the competition and get an idea what they are doing. Check out their sites to see what the graphics and the ads look like. This will give you an idea of where you need to start.

While you don’t necessarily need the prettiest site on the web, you don’t want yours to look amateurish or thrown together. Notice the layout on sites you like.

Pay attention to the spacing of graphics, text, ads, and white space. One of the biggest keys to pleasant, effective graphic design is the layout. Take some time and look around.

Graphics should tie in seamlessly into the rest of your website. Take your time when designing it all. A bad first impression is a lasting impression.

One thing that cannot be overstressed is to avoid using animated gifs. Most animated gifs are copied from other sites and appear everywhere. They tend to be overdone and can look tacky.

You can save yourself some money by being your own graphic designer. Keep in mind; if you can’t picture the end result and your attempts begin to fall flat you may need to re-think this piece of your budget.

Keep it simple and save for the time when you can afford a professional graphic designer. Saving yourself some money on graphic design only works if you have some talent at it.

If you have no idea how to do it at all, then don’t do it. You will only hurt yourself in the long run.

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