Using 10 Page Reports to Build Your List

A great way to get information out about your company, without having to create a full-fledged e-book, is to write a 10-page report. Writing a report is easier than you think since you already have most of the information you would need at your fingertips.

Whether you are offering a service or a product, write the report detailing the information and offer it as a freebie on your website. Your potential client base will explode, as you will see, when there is something the customer can acquire for free.

Everyone loves to get something for free. When your 10-page report is free and contains valuable information, your potential clients are much more likely to consider buying your other products or services. The key is to give them valuable information!

The best way to offer this 10-page report is to establish opt-in pages where the customer or client can sign up to receive the report. In turn, they leave their email address and become a member of your mailing list. Since they are getting a free report, most people won’t mind leaving their name and email information in return. You don’t need to ask for any other information from them at this stage in your sales cycle, which could cause people to refuse to sign-up.

Once you have built your list, you now have a bevy of names and emails to create a successful email marketing campaign. The database created from people signing up for your free 10-page report is now your marketing pot of gold. If they were interested enough in your report, they have some interest in the rest of your services and are potentially a future paying customer.

To keep your possible customers interested, you should send out regular emails highlighting your services and any new promotions you may have. It is also wise to offer a link in your signature where potential customers can refer other people to your site. As more and more people sign up for your report, your client list continues to grow and your prospects continue to build.

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