Tips for Being a Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketer

Creating on online business and presence doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. The average small business owner can utilize a few ways available to them without having to fork over a lot of cash. How you might ask? Take a look at just some of the ways you can become a do-it-yourself marketer.

The first tip – and the most important – is to get your site noticed.

It sounds harder than it is. To accomplish this you have to register your site with the many search engines the Internet has to offer. I would concentrate on the big guys like Google and Bing since they are the main search engines people tend to use. This is useful in getting your site to the top of the search engine rankings, providing your site with maximum exposure.

The next step is to start using reciprocal links with other businesses in a similar niche as yours. This can be done by simply emailing the site owner and asking them if they would mind linking your site and vice versa. You could easily create a banner with the many online tools and place this on your partner’s site. Free advertising at its best.

Another way along the same line as sharing links is affiliate marketing. This works when your affiliate partner place your link on their site and when a potential customer clicks and either signs up or buys something from your site, the affiliate gets a percentage of the profits. Sites such as use affiliate marketing to bring in the traffic to their site.

Perhaps the easiest way to market your site is simply by placing your link in everything you do on the web. If you send out email, make sure a link to your site is in your signature line, if you respond on a message board or forum; make sure there is a link to your site in your response.

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