Marketing and Promoting with Media Contacts

Just because you are running your business on the Internet, doesn’t mean you don’t have media contacts you can cultivate to market and promote your business. In fact, there are two particular media contacts you should work with as often as you can in order to keep your business on the minds of your prospects.

Most people need to be exposed to an idea or a product an average of seven times before they will reach into their wallet and spend their hard earned cash. If that’s the case, you need to get all the exposure you can. Internet media can help you accomplish just that.

One quick and easy way to keep your business in the eye of the media is through the use of press releases. A press release is a one- or two-page document designed to highlight a specific event pertaining to your business.

A grand opening, a big sale, a new hire- these are all excellent topics for a press release. The writing process is pretty straight forward- just the facts, ma’am. You provide a few lines of background information about your business, give the details of the event, and wind it up with a recap. The document begins and ends with your contact information

You can also create great contacts through Internet Radio and TV. There are hundreds of Internet radio programs and Internet TV shows available and every single one of them is looking for future guests. You can search out BlogTalk Radio or UStream TV and find all kinds of show hosts who would love to have you on as a guest.

You can even create your own shows on these media sites, as well as upload videos to YouTube. In fact, there are hundreds of sites on the Internet you can foster media contacts to help promote your business.

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