Learning to Use Your Press Releases for Free Advertising

A well-written press release is something every company on the Internet can benefit from, if they know how to write one effectively. A press release is basically written to highlight various aspects of a business such as special promotions, product announcements and website information.

A great press release will answer the questions who, what, where, when and why of what it is your are trying to get across. Press releases can dramatically increase the sales of your business, give you more exposure and promote your business image and products. Again, this all depends on how well written the press release is.

There are a few tips when writing a press release that must be adhered to if you want it to be an effective vehicle of advertising. You must first deem the information you are sharing is news worthy and is something your potential customers would want to read and know about.

When you write a press release, however, you are not writing just to prospects. You are first writing to get the attention of the media outlet that will distribute the press release.

You must be straightforward and basically tell the media outlet what you want them to get out of what they are reading. Start with a history of your business, giving a brief overview and then proceed with what you are trying to promote.

Make sure you are aware of your wording, if you don’t have a “hook” to grab people in and have them wanting to read more, you may risk losing your opportunity for distribution.

After you have explained what the customer will receive, be sure to add enough contact information to be able to reach you should they want to know more about the press release and what it is promoting.

The final step is to get the press release out there, publish it on directory services so the search engines will pick up on it and it can reach a broader audience.

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