Learn How to Use Facebook to Promote Yourself Free

Facebook is a social media tool that lets people connect all over the world through either actual friendships or virtual acquaintances based on interests. Your Facebook account is a great way to promote yourself if you have anywhere from a few spare pennies in your car cup holder to a pocket full of lint.

Your connections on Facebook are networked through hundreds and thousands of other people who you may or may not know. Chances are you don’t know most of them and they don’t know you.

Facebook’s unique design spits out a profile message to every friend associated with a person, whenever they sign up for a group, add an application, are tagged in a photo, etc. letting them know what is new in that person’s world. This is an extremely valuable tool to use if you are trying to promote yourself and a product you have on a very tight budget.

For instance, let’s say Tim is interested in learning how to write SEO content for his blog. This is a great thing because you have just created a group on Facebook offerings a free teleseminar on SEO content for blogging. Chances are, Tim has a group of friends who are also interested in the same thing because like-minded people tend to find each other, so when he joins your group, everyone gets an update telling them Tim just joined the ‘SEO for blogging + free teleseminar’ group.

People also search for groups on certain subjects. If Mary is looking for a group offering tips and techniques on how to successfully code a CSS web page with a php forum add on and you just so happen to have a group on Facebook, which also promotes your newly published book, guess which group she is likely to join?

Facebook, doing what it does best, promotes your group to all of Tim’s friends who sign up, then promotes to all of their friends, and next thing you know, there are 500 people in your teleseminar queue.

Just remember, in order to have maximum efficiency in your response, make sure you invite all of your close friends to join your group. There is power in numbers.

Think about it. If there is a group with 1 person in it and a group with 50 people in it, which one would you join? One last tip, be sure to think ahead when creating groups, don’t create a group today for the 2020 Summer SEO conference because chances are, it is already taken, go ahead and get 2021 kicked off early and build that group.

Happy Facebooking!

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