How to Promote with eCourses

E-courses are the secret weapons making money for a lot of people on the Internet today. You can find e-courses on anything from self-esteem to alligator wrestling.

In fact, you can find a lot of e-courses about how to write e-courses. There are a lot of eCourses that charge a hefty fee, but there are also a lot of them available for free. So, what’s the big deal about eCourses?

E-Courses are a great way to brand yourself and your business as an expert in your field. If you write a course about your specialty, suddenly you take on a whole new level of mojo in the eyes of the paying market.

After all, people who write a course about their skills must know what they’re talking about, right? Right- whether they know anything more than what is included in the course, they have become a teacher of their craft. For instant credibility, write a thoughtful, helpful eCourse and just watch your business take off.

An eCourse can also provide you with a passive stream of income. You do the work once when you write the course. After it’s finished, you put it on your autoresponder and when someone subscribes, it is automatically distributed to them without you lifting another finger.

An eCourse doesn’t have to be long or complex. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create, either. You can run an eCourse as short as three to five days or as long as a few months if you like.

If you’ve created several blog posts or articles on a specific topic, you are well on your way to an eCourse already. It doesn’t have to be much more than a few newsletter length lessons or a series of short, to-the-point tips, especially if you use it as a marketing tool and give it away free for the asking.

Give it a shot! Create an eCourse about your specialty and start promoting your business as an expert in your field.

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