How to Get the Most Out of Free Banner Exchanges

Free banner exchanges are one of the many ways a business can promote themselves without having to shell out any advertising resources at all. The only thing you have to worry about is creating an attractive banner to use in the exchange.

Most are based solely on you being able to host banners on your site for other people as well. Not all free banner exchanges are exactly the same.

While most exchanges are free, others will charge you after your banner has been clicked on a certain number of times. Be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of each banner exchange site before joining.

To prepare for a free banner exchange, you will need to create a few banners in different sizes, shapes, and colors so they are ready to go when needed.

The banner should be simple and to the point with enough eye-catching material to draw the attention of the viewer. Too much information on the banner causes confusion and may lead the potential customer to avoid you completely.

You will also need to set aside space on your website to host other people’s banners. For each banner service you join, you will have to host a banner on your site as well. You do have the option to specify that you do not want ads similar to your business running on your site. After all, you don’t want to advertise your competition.

Look for free banner companies who also offer a reward for using their service. Some free banner exchange services allow you to actually make a little money while advertising through them- spreading your marketing dollars even farther for no extra effort…

Free banner exchanges can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure you check out all the details before signing on the bottom line.

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