How to Create a Viral Marketing Program

The term viral marketing may have you wondering just what exactly it means. It’s called “viral” marketing because it is a strategy to promote your marketing to one person and another and another, much like a virus spreads itself. Perhaps a better term to use instead of “viral” would be “word of mouth” because this is simply what viral marketing is in essence.

The best way to create your own viral marketing program is to create an offer relating to your business that will make someone want what you have to sell.

A simple way to do this is to offer something for free. Free sells, well not sells, but it will get people to your site for sure and that’s what you want, attention. This will bring hoards of people to your site where they will sign up for your newsletters and presto; you have an instant database of leads.

The next step is transmitting this virus – make it easy for the people who signed up for your “free” item to pass the information along to other people. If they are happy with the product then they will pass your link to someone else and so forth. This is the “virus” being transmitted.

The best way to get your viral marketing plan off and running is to promote and use social media to place links to your special offer. Affiliate programs and social media sites can bring you the exposure you need to stay in the public eye. They also put your message in front of hundreds of potential customers who you can then use to promote yourself even further.

If you want to get some great exposure for your website, create a free product as a “teaser” and get out there and start spreading your viral goodies!

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