How to Advertise on Niche Forums without Being Pushy

A great way to get your business name out in the world is by social networking through the use of forums in the niche of your company and products. There are so many forums on the Internet you can easily find 10 right in line with your company’s direction in no time at all.

Before you join a forum, spend some time looking them over to find one that is a legitimate and solid forum with lots of traffic and activity. When you find an active forum in your niche, create an account.

After the account is created introduce yourself. Most forums have a place for introductions and they are not the spot to go into sales mode quite yet. You need to make yourself known on the forum by being helpful and insightful about the topics there.

You have to make a lot of posts on these forums so your reputation and your post count goes up. When people see someone with a lot of intelligent posts on a forum, it lends a certain level of respect, as long as you aren’t rude or nasty on the site. Keep being a good member of the forum and the marketing will start working itself for you.

When a post comes along that fits right into what your company does, offer assistance in the post and mention how your company actually can help as well. This will encourage the person, who may already value your opinion, to look at your site and services along with others who are reading the forum.

Lastly, every forum allows for a signature. Your signature should include your name and the name of your company’s website, along with an active link back to your home page.

That way every post you make is a link to your company’s website. This is absolutely free marketing, taking only some time and dedication to make it work for your business.

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