Build a Fan Page on Facebook and Build Your List

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to build a personal page and add people as friends. Those individuals will get updates on you and what is happening in your life.

This can also work for professional businesses. Now many businesses are joining Facebook for one very important feature – fan pages.

Fan pages are not like the normal profile pages Facebook offers for those who sign up for personal reasons. Personal pages are often locked so no one but the people you invite as friends can see it.

Fan pages are quite the opposite. They are open to the public to see, which means it’s the perfect way for a business to get exposure. Fan pages also have a spot where you can post links to your website. This is key to promoting your online business.

There is also a very valuable tool that can be used to send updates to your prospects who have signed up to your fan page. You can send these updates whenever you want. This is an awesome way to build a clientele. You can email your fans about your product and about any upcoming special promotions.

Another great aspect of having a fan page is whenever a person joins your page it is published in their news feed, alerting all of their friends on their profile. This is marketing at its best. You didn’t have to do a thing- it takes care of itself.

Perhaps the best reason to create a fan page is the fact it is free. It doesn’t take long to set up a page and once you do, it almost markets itself, Just be sure to keep your page up to date with current information to keep your fans happy.

Start using Facebook to build your list today!

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