Bartering to Advertise and Promote on the Internet

Bartering has been around for many years. Thousands of years ago, people would trade livestock for food, clothes and shelter.

Today, farmers use it in order to trade crops for other goods and services they need. In the age of computers and the Internet, why should it be any different?

Your business needs advertising and to be promoted throughout the land. There is a very good chance someone with the capabilities to help you spread the word needs the exact services you have to offer.

Here are a few tricks to help you in your negotiating.

  1. They have something you need. Make sure you get them all the information they need before they start on the project. Time wasted is still time wasted, even if money doesn’t exchange hands.
  2. Offer to help them with anything else they may need while they are working on your project.
  3. Spread the word. If they are working on designing your website, talk them up whenever you get the chance.
  4. Go the extra mile on whatever you are trading. If they are looking for some content for their blog, make it your best work.
  5. When they are finished with your project, show it off to everyone you know. Tell everyone about it and send as many people their way as possible. The best way to thank someone for helping you is to give them as much high quality business as possible; chances are they will return the favor.

Remember how much fun barter day was when you were in school? You brought in a few things and left with new toys and games to play with.

Bartering is a great way for two people, who need what each other have, to meet in the middle and get everything accomplished. At the end of the day it feels great knowing you helped someone out and life can be worth more than chasing a dollar bill.

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